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Coffee can provide both good health benefits and bad ones depending on how much you drink it, but it’s also possible to make a cup of coffee that is super healthy. Even better add a healthy activity such as yoga into your daily routine and suddenly the zip you get from your coffee transfers across to your yoga practice. Together they form a powerful alliance against the winter colds and flus. If you are a bit concerned for your health because you are drinking multiple cups of coffee on a daily basis, then the best thing you can do is cut down on the amount you drink. But if that is not an option for you and you are not willing to consider it, have a look at the following ways you can make your coffee super healthy and thus provide you with a healthier lifestyle:

  • Cinnamon addition – Simply adding a dash of cinnamon to any cup of coffee can not only help in making a coffee taste even better, but it also provides multiple health benefits in terms of lowering blood glucose and cholesterol. Adding cinnamon is such a simple way of making coffee taste great and it provides a couple of additional health benefits along the way.
  • Drink coffee only before a certain time – This all depends on what time you get up in the morning and what time you get your head down. If you go to sleep early to get up early, you will likely only want to drink coffee up until 2pm, which will then give you 7-8 hours of time for the caffeine to die down and thus give you a much better sleep. If you drink coffee all hours then you will find it very hard to get any sleep and that will of course have an adverse effect on your life in general.
  • Less sugar – Depending on your tastes, it’s always nice to add some sugar to your coffee to sweeten it up a little, but it’s always wise to keep it limited or don’t use it at all. Sugar is one of the worst ingredients when it comes to health these days and it can be the cause of many diseases – the most common being diabetes. Many people might substitute a sugar for a sweetener but again, it’s important to not overdo it as sweeteners also provide a few health flaws.
  • Stick to an organic brand – You will find there are loads of coffee brands to choose from when buying coffee beans and depending on your tastes will depend on how healthy your coffee is. You will be able to buy coffee that is organic and thus much healthier than using coffee beans from a brand that concentrates on your taste buds only. Organic coffee is definitely the way forward to a healthy lifestyle instead of drinking coffee that isn’t very user friendly.

After you’ve made your coffee healthy, then its time to do some healthy yoga practices including:

  • Praying mantis pose stimulates increased digestion and helps to move any toxins in your body through the lower intestines and flushed out through your system.
  • Shining moon pose stretches your core muscles and again stimulates your endocrine system to work more efficiently and help dispose of unwanted toxins.
  • Finally the downward dog pose is great to do after a good coffee, it pushes the caffeine through your system and eliminates it before it can have too much of an effect on your system

I have certainly found that I don’t have to give up my morning coffee just because I also want to do more normal yoga workout. In fact it some ways it has enhanced my practice making me feel more energised and focused than I sometimes am at 5am in the morning.  All I need is my landscape themed yoga mat i got from harmony yoga mats and my extra thick towel and my cup of joe, and the world is good again. In fact I’ver found that my friends and I are even more productive when we combine the two in the morning, who says we can’t have it all !



Organic coffee is quickly becoming popular in many households around the world thanks to its additional health benefits when compared with standard coffee brands. Organic coffee is produced in such a way that not only is the environment protected when growing coffee beans but the workers involved with the growing process are also protected. In addition to that, organic coffee is obviously grown organically with no help of any pesticide spray which already makes it much healthier than standard coffee beans. If you currently find yourself craving for some organic coffee, have a look at the 10 most popular organic coffee brands below which are in no particular order.

  • JO Espresso – JO Espresso is Fairtrade certified so you can be sure this particular coffee is grown organically. These coffee beans only come roasted in medium dark.
  • Camano Island Coffee – The Camano blend has been around for a while and its Papua New Guinea origins will ensure users get a nice blend of organic coffee in the mornings.
  • Trader Joes Five Country Espresso – The Trader Joes Five Country Espresso comes in dark roast beans so you can be sure you will get a strong tasting coffee in the mornings supplied by a reputable organic company.
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Sweet Espresso – For all of you sweet organic coffee lovers, the Ethical Bean Coffee Sweet Espresso could be the pick-me-up you are looking for in the mornings.
  • Two Volcanoes Gourmet Coffee – All the way from Guatemala, the Two Volcanoes Gourmet Coffee beans will ensure you get a fresh tasting coffee that is organic and dark roasted.
  • Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee – The Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee comes in a variety of types of roasted beans, from light, medium, and dark roasted so you can be sure you get a bit of variety with every cup of coffee.
  • Deathwish Coffee – The name isn’t particularly fancy, but what this Deathwish Coffee lacks in a creative name it makes up for in strong tasting coffee that is organic and fresh.
  • Jungle Coffee – As the name of this blend would suggest, this coffee by Jungle Coffee is grown and bread right in the jungle land of Costa Rica and with its rich dark roasted consistency will ensure you wake up in the morning feeling energetic and fresh.
  • The Bean Coffee Company – The Bean Coffee Company has been around for a while now and has established itself as one of the go to companies when consumers seek a taste of coffee that is organic and fresh. Their coffee beans come medium roasted so you can be sure the taste isn’t too strong but it’s strong enough to get you going in the mornings when it really matters.
  • Larry’s Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee – This blend of coffee is of extra smooth consistency and is well balanced in terms of lightness and a little spice that will give you a little kick. This coffee bean is perfect for everybody in-between that doesn’t like their coffee too dark but at the same time not too light.

These are just a few of the many good brands out there when it comes to organic coffee blends but you can be sure that if you opt for one of the above companies you can be sure of a taste that is going to suit your needs. These organic coffee beans will not only ensure a great smooth taste but will also provide many health benefits when compared with standard coffee thanks to their fair trade certifications.


If you are a coffee lover, whether that is sticking to just a couple of cups per day or drinking coffee more regularly, you will always want to stick to a decent coffee brand that provides you with the best tasting coffee available. If you like a certain coffee brand that is the cheapest on the market then why not? It’s ok going with the cheaper coffee brands as sometimes that is all some people fancy, but there isn’t much point in buying coffee beans just for the sake of them being cheap and you not enjoying them. There are of course a few other reasons why you should try and avoid cheap coffee brands and here are a few reasons why:

  • You don’t get the taste you deserve – Some people prefer the taste from cheaper coffee brands but most of the time they don’t taste anywhere near as good as the more expensive brands. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean the more expensive coffee is always going to taste nicer, but in most cases it takes more money for the beans to grow in better environments which in turn makes the costs higher for better tasting coffee.
  • You won’t get the same coffee making experience – Cheaper coffee beans don’t stay fresh as long and you will often find your coffee grinding experience doesn’t go as smoothly as it normally would with more expensive brands. Cheaper coffee beans are usually a lot harder and don’t grind down as consistently as more expensive beans usually would. This would then mean the coffee loses a lot of its tastes because the flavours don’t get through the filters as they should.
  • Cheap coffee beans means they were grown in the cheapest of environments – This isn’t always necessarily true but it is a fact of life, you only get what you pay for and it’s the same with the coffee bean companies. Some of them find the cheapest land possible and hire the cheapest workers in the worst environments where nobody is happy, and when nobody is happy nobody really cares about the job in hand – and that’s to produce the freshest and nicest tasting coffee beans.
  • Cheap coffee beans don’t stay fresh as long – When buying cheaper coffee beans you will often find that they don’t stay as fresh for as long as more expensive beans. This could potentially mean that you are actually spending more on cheaper coffee beans because you are always chucking them out. Instead, go with more expensive coffee beans that are going to keep their freshness. Of course, it all depends on how you keep them fresh as well but most of the time cheaper beans don’t stay fresh no matter what you do.
  • Lack of knowledge in the industry – The cheapest coffee brands out there might not be as serious as the more expensive brands in terms of experience and knowledge of the industry. The experience of an expensive company is the difference between the best tasting coffee beans and the worst tasting coffee beans. Cheaper coffee bean producers don’t invest as much money into their research when it comes to coffee beans which means they don’t know about the most important things when it comes to growing coffee beans.

If you want some more in-depth information about coffee and it’s quality around the world, as well as statistics on it’s production, check out the International Coffee Organization website. It has some really interesting statistics concerning coffee sales and how they fluctuate.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s better to spend a bit of extra money on coffee beans as it will almost guarantee a much better coffee tasting experience. There are some very popular cheap coffee brands on the market today and none of the above applies to all of the companies in the industry, but it certainly applies to most of them.


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